Website Data Collection

We make use of cookies on this website. Below we explain which types of cookies we use and why.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on the hard drive of your computer when you visit the site.
A third-party request is request about one’s behaviour on a website.

Cookies statement

We do not collect or process personal data from our site visitors.
The personal data of customers are stored and processed, who accepted the Offer when purchasing our product.
We do not use marketing cookies ourselves, but others may.

Types of cookies
We use the following types of cookies:
Functional cookies

These are necessary for the performance of the site, for example to remember your preferences and keep you logged in at your own request.
We do not have to ask for permission for using these cookies.

Statistics cookies

These provide insight into how visitors use our websites, which pages are visited the most and which keywords people use to search. This allows us to improve our websites.
We collect information about the use of our website (but not about you), through web statistics from Google.
Legally, they are our 'data processors'. We apply all available options for privacy friendly data processing.
We instruct Google for example not to combine the analytical cookies with other Google services such as DoubleClick or AdWords.