Description of the Krona.Chat platform

Krona.Chat platform was created by professionals for professionals. We have been working in webcam business since 2007 and tried to incorporate all our accumulated experience into our platform. At this moment the platform is in intensive development and in fact is in beta version, so you should understand that we do not guarantee 100% stability and absence of bugs, but on the contrary warn you in advance that they may be present in the platform. An active Subscription that gives you access to our repositories will give you updates with fixes and improvements to the software code.

Krona.Chat is a software code that allows to deploy and customize online chat room service with possibility to transmit two-way video stream from webcams of participants of paid or free chat.

The Krona.Chat platform uses WebRTC technology to transmit streaming data (in particular, video streams from webcams). The streaming video is encoded by a web browser and transmitted to the server, and from the server the stream is transmitted to the receiving browsers of the chat room users. The streaming data on the server is managed by the Janus media server.

The platform consists of 2 main parts:
  • The web part, which includes the frontend (the webcam website template, the chat room on the client side and on the broadcaster/model side, and the backend - the service administration system).

  • The WebRTC part, which is represented by a plugin for the Janus media server that provides online streaming and client-side viewing of video streams, as well as management of data streams, such as text chat.

The main technologies and programming languages used:
  • The web part uses pure PHP as a server language and additional third-party open source PHP libraries, e.g. Omnipay for connecting payment acceptance on the website. Smarty is used as an HTML template engine. On the client side, i.e. in the browser, HTML/CSS and pure JavaScript are used, as well as additional third-party open source JS libraries, e.g. jQuery.

  • The WebRTC part is krona.plugin.chatroom written in C and the Janus WebRTC media server itself. Additionally, third-party open source products such as FFmpeg can be used to provide the media server and specific service functions.

Technical requirements

On the server side

  • Linux OS;

  • Nginx and Apache Web server (optional);

  • PHP 7.4 >;

  • MySQL/MariaDB;

  • WebRTC media server Janus and additional libraries and utilities to make it work.

  • krona.plugin.chatroom Plugin

Purchasing the right to use the Krona.Chat platform

Before purchasing, be sure to read the Contract carefully. In brief, you purchase a Subscription, which allows you to get the source code of the web part, and without the source code of the krona.plugin.chatroom (compiled) and for the paid period all updates from our repository. Also, your service requires an active license key, which allows you to use the Krona.Chat platform on one physical or virtual server. The key is provided free of charge with an active Subscription, or a perpetual key can be purchased to allow your site to operate without an active Subscription.

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